Wagifli Valet Parking Service

Best valet parking service in town to serve your guest an exceptional parking experience. 

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Mall & Center Valet Parking Service

Private Event Valet Parking Service

Restaurant & Café Valet Parking Service

About Us

Established for over 8 years, we have worked in event and hospitality industries offering guests an exceptional valet parking services.

We are fully insured to manage parking services on your behalf.

We are fully insured to manage parking services on your behalf. Specializing in car valet services and security we have made a name for ourselves meeting the demands of Saudi Arabia’s most valued clients.

Our clients come from various sectors including Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Hotels etc. as a result we have mastered the art of valet services to create a bespoke experience unlike any other.

We take pride in presenting a professional image, with all our staff have completed an intensive customer service courses/training before they start working with us as well as continued professional development to ensure our service is second to none.


Hospital Valet Parking Service

Wagifli is passionate about providing an exceptional experience to your patients, visitors, employees from the moment they arrive at the hospital.

Our attendants provide warm greeting at the curbside providing valet parking, way finding and empathy is a service that extends beyond the front doors.

We can assist a mobility scooter, walker, cane or specialized wheelchair for guests as they arrive.

Mall & Centers Valet Parking Service

We are a trusted establishment and an industry-leading valet program that delights your guests with a convenient and memorable first impression at your mall and center.

Elite shopping and mixed use centers client accustomed to a high level of personalized service.

We offer multi -door delivery point valet programs that add a warm welcome, convenience and luxury to your guests visit.

Café & Restaurant Valet Parking Service

We are pleased to provide a professional restaurant and hospitality valet solutions to your clients.

We focus on elevating the exceptional experience using our system to ensure our staff are trained, uniformed and eager to assist your guests as they arrive.

We recognize that our city’s valuable client are accustomed to and demanding of extended services, such as valet that will enrich their experience.

Private Event Valet Parking Service

Planning a private event is a major undertaking, and parking is one of those things that is easy to forget. You might think that just because the venue has an attached parking facility or there is street parking nearby.

We ensure Guests’ arrival and departure experience is an important element of every event. Facilitating seamless valet parking will help your guests arrive happy, on time, and stress-free, feel free to stay as long as they want to, and depart just as effortlessly at the end of the evening.

Parking Solution

Parking Management Services

Security Clearance Service

Security check of vehicles entering in compound. 

Barrier Installation

Entry and Exit barriers installation.

Parking Management POS

Parking management software to manage check in and check out timestamps as well as there billing

Why choose us?

To facilitate and promote alternative safe and well maintained parking facilities.

Making the best use of parking by making sure vehicles are parked and retrieved properly.

Increase the revenue by enhancing customer experience.

Improve your venue reputation and standard,

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